FileManager/2 (FM/2) is a freeware OS/2 (warp)/ eCS PM 32-bit
file/directory/archive maintenance utility (a sort of super-Drives
object, something midway between the Drives objects and a more
traditional file manager) with plenty of bells, whistles and
utilities, drag and drop, context menus, toolbars and accelerator

Make sure you backup your fm3.ini before installing. The new ini file
won't work with older versions.

It can be found on Hobbes or Netlabs:

moving to

It source files and ticketed items can be found at

It has a support group at

The utilities aren't included in this package. If you installed
version 3.5.9 with the utilities, it is not necessary to install them
again. If you don't have the utilities installed, download 3.5.9 from
Hobbes and extract the utilities wpi and put it in the same directory
as your 3.7.0 build and run the 3.7.0 install. It will then give you
the option of installing the utilities along with build 3.7.0.

If you are a programmer and always wanted a feature added, but did not
have the build environment, this should no longer be the case since
the source now builds with Open Watcom. Source files can be obtained