Electronics Line USA unlocks the IBM 4690 POS and provides real-time
exception reporting with video integration.

Boulder, Colo. - August 22, 2007 -Electronics Line USA is pleased to
announce the release of a new point-of-sale (POS) video integration
with the IBM 4690 which includes the Supermarket, ACE, GSA and Chain
Drug applications.

The solution allows the Electronics Line ETV DVR Series to sync video
from security cameras with the point-of-sale transactions. Retailers
can then produce both real-time and after-the-fact exceptions reports
which help management make decisions that improve efficiencies.

The solution runs as a small background application on the IBM in-
store controller and does not require any software or hardware
upgrades in order to be deployed.

"To our knowledge, this is the only complete 4690 video integration
that allows near real-time exception reporting," said Mike Davis,
general manager at Electronics Line USA. The exception reporting is
done within moments of the transaction or event of interest and can
notify the user via e-mail, SMS/text message, RSS or desktop gadget/

Users of the new offering are able to add a variety of real-time
reporting capabilities beyond a traditional system which include
refrigeration and facilities monitoring in addition to instant
monitoring of any 4690 event such as a manager override, value card
number or even a particular transaction type.

The integration also allows a user to pull up after-the-fact reporting
to analyze employee performance, or simply search for transactions of
interest such as stolen credit card use, misuse of coupons or
inappropriate customer returns.

When used in accordance with Electronics Line recommendations the
solution maintains PCI compliance, and can synchronize its time clock
with the in-store controller.

Integration with the tlog provides clients with a wide array of
optional capabilities which enable price checkers, handhelds, kiosks,
gift registries and other types of integrations typically requiring
the Store Integration Framework (SIF) from IBM. By enabling a variety
of integration capabilities with the 4690, retailers can extend and
enhance the usefulness and life of their 4690 investment.

The solution can also be extended to provide real-time local or remote
observation for a variety of purposes such as training lanes.

Already a leader in advanced DVR/POS integration, the 4690 offering
from Electronics Line allows its advanced digital video recording
solution to be completely integrated and utilized by leading retailers
that primarily use the IBM 4690 solution.

The DVR offers many industry firsts including the ability to utilize
standard composite cameras alongside the newer IP cameras in complete
hybrid fashion; the ability to record megapixel images with amazing
clarity and detail; the ability to recompress large megapixel images
without visible loss of detail; and, the ability to record 4CIF images
at a full 30 images per second per camera utilizing hardware

About Electronics Line USA - Electronics Line USA is a leading
developer and manufacturer of a variety of advanced security-related
solutions including digital video, professional cameras, as well as
advanced alarm and automation systems for both the residential and
commercial markets. Its solutions are in use across the globe in a
variety of vertical markets including retail, gaming, petroleum,
education, food service and transportation to name a few. The USA
branch was opened in 1987 and is located in Boulder, Colo.

Electronics Line USA is a subsidiary of Electronics Line 3000 Ltd.,
headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel, whose facility includes a state-
of-the-art, fully equipped research center and fully automated
production lines.

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To learn more about Electronics Line USA and its full line of security
communication equipment and services, visit www.el-usa.com, call (800)
683.6835 or e-mail sales@el-usa.com.

Media Contact
Dave Nieweg
Electronics Line USA

Corporate Contact
Mike Davis
Electronics Line USA