I've just downloaded and registered PMMail for OS/2 (Beta 2.20.2382). I am
setting it up, and encountered no difficulty until I got to the Signatures
page of the Accounts notebook.

On that page, I typed in a signature block, then clicked on OK to close the
notebook. This caused the program to crash -- disappear from the screen.

I opened PMMail again, and reopened the Account Settings notebook, again to
the Signatures page. What I saw was TWO copies of the signature block I had
just typed in, and a strange random-looking alphanumeric string to the right
of the lower copy of the block. I could place the cursor on this string, but
an attempt to delete it merely moved the cursor, without deleting anything.
Again, pressing OK causes the program to collapse.

The following day (i.e. after a reboot) the double signature block is still
present, but the garbage string is now gone. Clicking on OK to dismiss the
Account Settings notebook still causes the program to collapse.

The program itself seems to be working. I have been able to send a message
and to retrieve mail from the ISP mailbox.

Why is this happening? What needs to be done to make the Account Settings
notebook behave rationally?

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

How to convince others that you are tolerant and nonviolent: throw grenades
and firebombs, burn buildings, decapitate those you can't convince, and in
general, exhibit your narrow-minded bloodthirstiness for all to see -- and
tell them you're doing it for God.