Hi All

This application is designed to help (re)configure USB drivers and
devices. It is not designed to install USB drivers, the drivers must
already be installed - it should help sort out driver parameters so the
drivers become useful though :-)

Please read the Readme.txt file included in the package before
attempting to install and use the application.


Or later


Changes to beta3 are:-

Now checks screen resolution and sizes accordingly when started for the
first time. Resizes if the system is switched to 800*600 or lower; also
repositions app centre screen if the app was closed partially off screen.

As a result of the above "vga compatability" the app has some visual
changes including new pages to put the changes onto - System, Devices
and Communications now have 2 pages, the Drives page has changed to 2
pages, CD/DVD and Other Drives.

Backups are now made with the filename config.nnn where nnn is a
sequential value between 001 to 999 inc. The higher value the filename
extension the more recent the backup is. If you ever generate config.999
then the next attempt to create a backup will fail and a message will be
displayed bringing this large number of backups to your attention...

Checks existing config.sys file for non-standard/default USB Device
Driver locations and stores the relevent details preventing USBcfg from
resetting Device driver paths to the standard/Default locations when
writing a new config.sys file.
Note: Does not hunt through the system for any driver files in
non-default locations but if the driver is already in the config.sys
file that location is used.

Checks for Drivers when a new Device is selected (user checks a
previously unchecked device driver checkbox), Displays a message if the
Driver is not in a Standard directory/Default directory (for most
devices [bootdrive]:\os2\boot) and will not be able to configure the Device.

The Undo button is still "Global" - undo ALL changes; but it should work
a bit quicker now.

"Local" Undo allowing changes made to be undone by clicking the same
checkbox again now works.

Now searches \os2\boot and the system path for hcimonit.exe
(hcimonit.exe is supplied with the IBM USB Base Driver package).

Updated the Other Drives page, Removables options to include the 2 new
parameters, /CHS and /MS10_OFF, included in the USBMSD.ADD update, Build

Added the gphoto2 usb driver, gph2usb.sys, to the application on
Devices, Page 2 of 2

*** Removed the Scanner from Devices, Page 2 of 2 - the driver involved,
USBSCAN.SYS, is no longer required with current builds of sane (from

Disabled the Ethernet configuration options. This device should be
installed and configured using MPTS, the details are shown for
completeness of information with the option to Add/Remove the Verbose
parameter being the only active option if the Ethernet driver is already
installed and in use.

Hope the above is of use.