Dana Sat, 31 Dec 2005 11:02:09 UTC, wkoep1@N-O-T-S-P-A-Mearthlink.net

> Tell your country and your countrymen to stop asking and begging for USA
> money and help. If you think the USA intentionally goes out to murder

I can not tell anything to anyone, I just present my own oppinion and
attitude. You do not necessarily have to agree with it.

> women, children, reason is futile. "America is good." Alexis de
> Tocqueville.

:-))))))))) Look, I do not think that those pilots and other killed
those civilinas on their own, although I could not exclude that
either, you know, there is one thing I figured out by living here -
EVERYTHING is possible. But you see, it was enough to give them wrong
grids and then to blame it later on technical error, weapons
malfunction, bad weather, Sun spots or any other reason. The effect
was accomplished and the effect was FEAR. Pure and simple.

See my reply to Stan as well.

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