On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 09:06:03 UTC, The eCS Guyİ

> R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:

> > I see "Dr." Timmy Martini that you are off your meds again.

> Does Timmy Martini play at being a Doctor?

Yes, really even as he had byed a spammer to get one as proven in the
guest book on www.chauvet.com where the spammer say thank you to Timmy
Martini for selling him the title of Dr fudster.

Timmy, what *you* are doing is libelous.

It is also criminal and abuse according to your provider.
> > What *he* is doing is none of your damn business. You cannot claim
> > "copyright" over one word, even if you made it up. You didn't.
> > And you don't own the copyright in it anyway.
> > And especially not in New Zealand I would bet.
> > And you don't own the trademark rights anywhere.


I have registered the moniker. Theft of an established moniker
or handle is illegal, even in USA according to your
own words.

So shut your ****ing mouth and stop being an idiot.

Have you checked the abuse policy with supernews?
The folks there frown on this kind of public profanity attack.

Well at least try to stop being an asshole.

You've demonstrated that well enough here.

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