Double-A wrote:

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>> >

>> > > Tom Potter wrote:

>> > >>Jew'ed.
>> > >>"Jew'ed"
>> > >>Jews
>> > >>Jews,
>> > >>"Jew'ed"
>> > >>Jews
>> > >>Jews
>> > >>Jew'ed
>> > >>"Jew'ed"
>> > >>"Jewable"
>> > >>Art Deco
>> > >>"Jewing"
>> > >>"Jewing"
>> > >>"Jew'ed",
>> > >>"Jew'ed".

>> > >>Hmmmm?
>> > >>I wonder where this post will end up on a Google Group search?

>> > > Has Crackpotter won CNotM yet?

>> > No, nor has he won Coward of the Month or Busted Urinal.

>> > > In case anyone wants to read the entire foamage, here is the MID:

>> > > Message-ID: <46e2904e$0$16383$>

>> > Thanks.

>> > BTW, did you know that Tom Potter has been listed on Crank dot net since
>> > 1999?

>> It's not nice to "Tattle" Pinky Sue!
>> HJ

>I brought all this stuff about Tom to AUK's attention about three
>years ago, but now they think they have discovered Tom all by
>themselves. Talk about slow!

Got any concrete evidence that other people didn't know about
Crackpotter prior to your attempt to get him some kook awards?

>But I don't bother Tom anymore, because
>I badgered him enough, and because after all, don't we all have the
>right to our own opinions? I used to think AUK served a purpose, but
>now I think there is nothing justifying its existence.

And you are such a brave, upstanding, ethical soul that you tried to
run away from letting AUK see your valuable opinion. Perhaps you
should start a groundswell campaign to have it removed.

"Racial bigotry in our little sandbox is fine as long as you don't dare
question the validity of our Flowing Space Nonsense." -- Double-A,
always the hypocrite [v'z cnencuenfvat, bs pbhefr]

From: Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler
Subject: WINNERS! Usenet Kook Awards, August 2007
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 06:13:05 +0000 (UTC)
Organization: Cabal Obsidian Order
Lines: 478


:As much as I wish to throw you into the audience and have the ushers
:carry you out the doors in the most undigified way possible on the way
:to your internment in the Galactic Killfile and the pronouncement of
:your net- death, stay up here. I have a unique award to present to
:your fellow Science Officers.
:"A unique award, given by executive decision of the Vote Wrangler,
:which is to be presented to the group who best exemplifies the saying
:"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil," by utterly ignoring the
:reprehensible behavior of one in their midst. This goes beyond the
:usual levels of circle jerking common in groups of kooks by
:recognizing utter hypocrisy in addition to the mutual reinforcement of
;a shared delusion."
:Congratulations, Spaced-out Science Officers! Your complete tolerance
f some of the most hateful, bigoted, and cowardly kooks in your midst
;while you preach tolerance and open-mindedness has earned you this
:unique award. Enjoy it in disgrace.

How appropriate. Acceptance speech, please, hypocrites.

Ed. note: while I'm not disputing the pronouncement of the FNVW here,
I must point out that the group tolerance goes way beyond just an
certain unknown Arkie, but includes infamous notables Brad Guth,
Warhol, and Tom Potter, all of whom are filthy bigots. Some of these
have also been rewarded with "officer" status by Kommander fro0tbat.

Official Overseer of Kooks and Saucerheads for alt.astronomy
Wee Davie Tholen is a grade-school lamer
Trainer and leash holder of:
Honest "Clockbrain" John
nightbat "fro0tbat" of alt.astronomy
Tom "TommY Crackpotter" Potter

"Classic erroneous presupposition. Others developed websites
so that they could have the Last Word, Deco. In the newsgroups,
I could counter their lies."
--David Tholen