Double-A wrote:

>On Sep 3, 10:40 am, (G=EMC^2 Glazier) wrote:
>> Double-a Both water and electricity flow.

>Yes, and that is why scientists once thought there was an electrical
>fluid. In fact, they thought there were two kinds of electrical
>fluids: vitreous and resinous. Another mainline science theory now

You really have no clues about anything. The A-A saucerhead thought

1) scientific ideas have been replaced in the past (J.J. Thompson)
2) A-A does not like what he calls "void space"
3) modern cosmology would be replaced, if not for the evil physicists
hiding the truth

Do you see the error here?

PS -- An honest scientist would welcome any and all challenges to
his/her ideas, rather than running away from them.

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