Double-A wrote:

>> So if protons are in fact microscale BHs, then it follows that a
>> sufficiently large aggregation of 'em can result in the stellar
>> collapse producing a single macro-scale BH.. sort of the BH equivalent
>> of a Bose-Einstein condensate.

>Of course like Eisntein, I really don't like singularities.

Of course, what you like or dislike with regard to just about anything
technical is irrelevant.
>> > Did you notice the loud squawk from the stowfile? That is the typical
>> > reaction..

>> It's the totally predictable yip-yappery just like from saying "ruff"
>> to the pit yorkie. Ignoring the noise is the worst possible affrontary
>> to the little would-be ankle biters, as what they crave most is
>> attention.
>> BTW, the floor is still open for some intrepid Void-Spacer to step up
>> and _explain_ (not describe) the *acting mechanism of causation* by
>> which their vaunted geometry and 'curvature' literally POWER the
>> gravity that POWERS the stellar collapse that POWERS the fusion that
>> rebounds as a supernova blast.
>> oc

>It is enlightening that Einstein himself didn't believe in the
>geometrical interpretation of general relativity.

So the fluid farm is Euclidean then?

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