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>>>> Kent Wills wrote:
>>>>> foreverignorantfan wrote:
>>>>>> Again you seem to overlook the obvious. We've been through this
>>>>>> before Tjabber. CAre explaining the CHANGE in felonies and
>>>>>> misdemeanors accounts, dimwit?
>>>> I'm not sure what accounts you're claiming have changed, but care
>>>> explaining the unchanging Iowa Supreme Court decision upholding your
>>>> conviction for burglarizing a house while the occupants were
>>>> present?
>>> Larry "the cub prosecutor from NY" Glasser asserts that what Kent B
>>> Wills
>>> did would be legally characterized as a "Home Invasion".

>> You are wrong. Iowa does not have a "home invasion" law. They have
>> Burlary laws rather than media hysteria laws.

>Tell it to Larry the legal imbecile Glasser -
>From: Larry the self-proclaimed Prosecutor from NY
>Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 17:40:07 GMT
>Local: Sat, Jun 23 2007 11:40 am
>Subject: Re: Kent Wills is the REAL Felon Here (attn: Larry)
> I'm not sure why he minimizes the crime committed in this case. Heck, if the
>house was occupied, I'd call it a home invasion!

Who is "Larry the legal imbecile Glasser"? There is no one in this
newsgroup using that alias.

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