Tholen Ham tholed:

>Juan I. Cahis writes:
>> Is there a program that allows you to combine several WAV (or MP3)
>> files into one, without any gap among them?

>I wrote a WAVJOIN program some time ago. I worte it specifically
>to combine a work with multiple movements into a single track.

In FROTRAN, no doubt. By the way, 8.3 all-caps file names went the way
of the buffalo and the Super Chief more than ten years ago, Tholen.
>> The idea is that after ripping all the tracks of an Opera Act, to
>> combine them into only one for the whole Act, in order to load it as a
>> unity in my MP3 player, without any gap among the original tracks.

>There is an article on Wikipedia about gapless audio. Sounds like
>there are some MP3 players capable of doing it.

You referencing Wikipedia -- this is a surprise, given that you
routinely reject any articles written for Wikipedia.
>> Today, I do it manually using Sound Forge, but that is a long and
>> tedious process.

>What do you mean by "manually"? My WAVJOIN program prompts the user
>to enter the filename of the WAV files to be joined, which could be
>considered a manual approach. If you have lots of files to join, I
>suppose it would be easy to generate a directory listing and use that
>as input to the program via the redirection mechanism.

With a command-line interface to the luser, I'm sure.
>> Any hint?

>See above.

You forgot to include the word "classic" in this post, Tholen. HTH.

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