anonym wrote:
> and we never, ever understood just *why* he called himself "Raving".

Because he's a retarded dickhead?

> Apart from the fact that the creature was *truly* raving, it was a very
> desperate nom-de-guerre to choose.

He's a silly old bugger and a queer old duck.

> Perhaps he was a suicide bomber?

It wouldn't surprise me.

> Yup. That sounds like it.
> Farewell then, raving Raving,
> Wot a trooly raving Kunt Thou were't.
> You raved,
> And you raved,
> And you raved,
> And you raved,
> And you sometimes raved.
> Were you trooly a Son of You-Know-Who?
> Did Ishmael Mark his Brand on Your Brow?
> Did you chicken out from lighting the fuse
> Because it was not Halal?
> Wot came first?
> The chicken or the bomb?
> Oh, raving, Raving, raver!
> May you Rave as long as you wish!
> But hopefully them Israelis will raze you first.
> Preferably with a guided drone thereby causing very little damage.
> Amen.

Amen to that!