For a long time I've been using RSJ and SCSI CD-RW burner operations to back up
about 680-690 Mb of data files from a host of global .ZIP archives. I've
noticed that things go well for a good while with this CD-RW operation which is
one in which I reformat the CD_RW disk before each storage operation and close
the session and just use the disk.

Eventually, I'll see an error pop in the RSJ log which alludes to an 'illegal'
character issue and also begin to see Media Error pops. It seems that once I
see one of these, for all practical purposes I might as well sail the CD-RW
coaster away and start with a new one.

I've noticed that once I see the first error pop in the RSJ log, I'll see a
period of idie-off of the hard drive red activity light for the SCSI hard disk.
And it always seems that there are changes in the apparent read operations in
the whole writing process which got me to wondering. Further, if you continue
to try to use this CD-RW disk, it even gets to where the hard disk light is
winky-winky and there is no way to even shut anything off without just simply
turning the whole computer off... Hmmmmmm.

So, what if, on this HPFS operation, I chose to shut off the cache lazy write
with a command level 'cache /lazyff' command? So I tried this. WOW!
Totally smooth hard disk activity for the entire CD-RW burn operation that was
the fastest burn total operation I've ever seen!

Now I don't have any long term experience as to whether this might somehow stop
the onset of the media error stuff. But .. any thoughts here?



--> Sleep well; OS2's still awake!

Mike Luther