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Cycle of eComStation life:
a) users are investing into software/OS updates --
b) The developers are generating applications and tools.

Gallery of screenshots:
Feel the power of eComStation NeoWPS desktop --

* Upgrade eCo Software runtimes (March 3, 2008) --

* NeoWPS includes original set of new eComStation icons.
We replaced 1/3 of icons. Are you going to use eComStation in 2010?
then you need fresh icons included to NeoWPS.

* Sunny icons -- huge fast transparent icons on your desktop (updated
in February)

* Imagination -- preview in folders. Try improved version (v.3.10)
(Check the runtime before installation)

* eSchemes is updated. eSchemes is a huge important project.
It makes eCS useful for new (home/office) eComStation users.
whatsnew: STABLE eSchemes 1.46 version is released; Read the
instructions in advance!

* Central Remote Control
whatsnew: CRC utility: Talking clock (send us more voices)

* Personal cards manager -- it is aimed to keep *all your contacts*
whatsnew: fixed hangs; new cards are compressed.

eCo Software is going include two useful applications to NeoWPS!

Read the feedback from happy users:

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