Apple Polishes BlackBook
Trying to resist the newly released BlackBook with the 2.4GHz Dual 2
Core processor and the upgraded 250Gig hard drive was not something I
could do resulting in my being third in line to get my hands on the
first distributions. Absolutely wonderful little machine. Apple has
improved on an already superior the Wi-Fi and BlueTooth capabilities
and they tweaked them even more on this new BlackBook. It is
amazingly fast and starts up at the snap of the fingers. Look away
for a moment and your desktop appears like magic. I've put my "older"
BlackBook up for auction sale on eBay and I'm already seeing 70+
visits and 9 watchers. No one ever bids until the last hour and I"m
hoping to see it sold and going to shipping by tomorrow afternoon.

New MacPro 3.2GHz Sizzles!
That's no fabrication either. Now takes me three minutes to burn a
data DVD, and rendering, capturing and editing movies takes almost
half the time it did before. The machine is so smooth and quiet I
often have to look down to make sure the power light is on.

3G iPhone By Mid-Year
Apple has signed a deal to release a 3G version of the iPhone and we
can expect to see it by mid-year, probably July or August of this
year. Steve Jobs has been traveling three times as much this last
quarter in his company jet and Apple's R&D department spending has
increased by 34% - evidence of additional iPhone development and
Steve's ongoing involvement in signing new deals with wireless
carriers to expand the iPhone market. The chips for the 3G iPhone
will be supplied by German chipmaker Infineon Technologies AG. You
can also expect to see the iPhone being offered via O2 in Ireland on
March 14th but without visual voicemail.

Jobs' Heir-Apparent Tim Cook Calms Investors
Apple's shareholders admit to being ill at ease with the thought of
losing Steve but Tim Cook stepped forward yesterday and spoke before
an assembly at Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium and impressed the
hell out of everyone there. So much so that Apple's stock rose 4%
from the appearance. Shareholders can be assured that when Steve
steps down and Tim Cook steps up that Apple is in very capable hands.

Time Capsule Shipping Today
If you use a wireless network at home (Wi-Fi) and have held off buying
an external backup drive for your Mac, be it the MacBook, MacBook Air,
iMac or MacPro, you now have the ability to avoid those tethering
lines and send all your backups to a one terabyte backup drive over Wi-
Fi by using Apple's new Time Capsule. Buyers who pre-ordered are
reporting the arrival of the first shipment of the coveted product.
$499 for the 1TV version and $299 for the 500Meg version.

SDK Beta Arrives March 6
The final SDK will be released in June at Apple's Worldwide
Development Conference 2008 in San Francisco. Apple will meet the
stated goal of 10 million iPhone sales by the close of 2008. That is
truly amazing.