eComStation market is changing, new users need books and tutorials.

eCo Software support service invested several thousand euro into books
preparation, today we offer (russian text):
* Frequently asked questions. eComStation installation.
* Frequently asked questions. eComStation usage and optimization.


The books are aimed at users and companies which have many computers
and should solve different problems in short time.

The books play important role in the development of eComStation
* we can advertise eComStation via bookshops (it's impossible promote
eCS via TV, there are banners in the Internet already)
* this increases the turnover of resellers (extends selection of goods
- good addition to eCS box and electronic shareware products)

The next step is to start delivery of books:
* Official guide to using eComStation
* Frequently asked questions. ACPI, JFS, Panorama VESA