Hey - here's a good deal!

Upgrade Office for the Mac 2008 for Free!
Keep it under your hats but Microsoft is offering a very "suite"
promotional deal - upgrade to Office for the Mac 2008 for free! Mac
User "Jolly Roger" (Thanks JR!) pointed out the offer in the Mac
newsgroups and I followed the link. The link is here:

Once there you select your current registered version of Mac for the
Office 2008, agree to pay shipping charges (under $8.00 for the DVD)
via credit card, and your final bill is zero for the new MacOffice
2008 and $7.58 for the shipping. Sweeeeeet!

The standard edition for "Media Edition" of Office for the Mac 2008
sells for $499.

Here's a copy of my receipt (appropriate info removed):


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