After over a decade of being declared "dead", initially by paid
employees of competing companies, and eventually argumentative
evangelists, OS/2 has been a favorite target of naysayers everywhere.

Once official support and updates had stopped from IBM, it would seem
reasonable that even spare-time arguers would have gone away and left us
to our interests and hobby-time use, and several of them did by good graces.

In recent times, however, the few who remain hell-bent on harming the
OS/2 community have dropped their tactics to an even lower form...
simply creating fact-free, purposeless noise and rubbish in areas where
productive discussions are underway. Yes, we have our own chorus of
bloody vikings here, and we don't even need to say "spam" to get them going.

The amazing thing that they all seem to have in common at this point is
that they make repeated attempts to defy filters. As if someone who
doesn't want to read their rubbish would suddenly start to do so if only
they could see the message in the first place. They also use an
oratorial tone in their language, as if addressing a large crowd of
eager listeners. I can't understand what would drive a person to force
unwilling listeners to hear their voice, especially when they have
nothing of consequence or even personal importance to themselves to say,
but I suppose that is because I still have my own mental faculties in
order. Further, the fact that even a message which slips through
filters is not going to be read by anyone who doesn't want to read it
seems lost on them completely.

A lot of us (myself included) seem to like to play the "armchair
psychologist", and discuss their motivations. But this is not
productive and seems to provoke the problem more. The truth is that
none of us here (from what I have read) really do have credentials in
this area, and rely on our own perspectives to surmise what is wrong
with these individuals (since we can't relate to their illnesses).
Professionals actually understand the various illnesses and can more
correctly determine motivations and appropriate treatments. One thing
that I think should be fairly clear to us laymen, who rely on our common
sense, is that attention feeds the beast.

I say all this as a plea to those of us who remain on purpose here.
Make every effort to ignore these individuals and do not reply. And for
the sake of us all, if you just can't resist the urge to hit that reply
button, REMOVE groups from your follow-ups where people are having
useful discussions. For example, none of the programmer newsgroups
should EVER be a target for such messages. Also, since many important
announcements happen in apps, please be considerate and remove this as
well. Your replies will be seen by anyone who is interested enough to
seek them out. Don't force those who are not interested to see and read
these replies, or you become as bad as those who are causing the trouble.

Please be considerate with your crossposting and followups. Thanks!

[Reverse the parts of the e-mail address to reply.]