New Mac Pro's Released Early
Apple announced today the release of the fastest Mac ever, the new Mac
Pro has eight processor cores and a new system architecture that
delivers up to twice the performance of its predecessor. It combines
two of Intel's new 45 nanometer Quad-Core Xeon processors running up
to 3.2 GHz, powerful new graphics and up to 4TB of internal storage,
offering the ideal system for creative professionals, 3D digital
content creators and scientists. The standard 8-core configuration
starts at just $2,799 but you can deck it out to the tune of $27,000
with all the addons and upgrades. Sadly, Blu-ray SuperDrives are not
included in this new Mac Pro offering. Damn.

Movie Studios To Include iPod Versions
When Apple announces their new iTunes movie rentals next week they
should also be announcing the inclusion of iPod versions of DVD movie
rentals as well as normal big screen DVD movie rentals. According
to ... ( More at OS2Guy Blog )

Expect Mac Tablet Next Week
Jennifer Berger over at Mac|Life offers eight reasons why Steve will
announce a new Mac Tablet at next week's MacWorld Expo. Those reason
are: ... ( More at OS2Guy Blog )

Apple To Offer Largest Library of Rental Films
20th Century Fox, Miramax, Lion's Gate, MGM, Warner Brothers, Sony,
Disney, Paramount, United Artists, Fox SearchLight Pictures,
Dreamworks, Nickelodion, Tristar, Screen Gems, Columbia, Orion and
nine more movie studio and distribution companys have signed on with
Apple's iTunes resulting in the largest library of rental films
offered by one rental source. NetFlix and Blockbuster come no where
near what iTunes will offer. Rumor is: $.99 per movie as many times
as you want for 24 hours, including theatrical releases on the day
they are released to theaters. Look for the announcement next week at

Dr. Tim Martin, The OS/2 Guy
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