Could this be the new MacBook sub notebook? (Click the link at OS2Guy
Blog to see it)

Max OS X Trojan Removal Program
MacSan has announced the release of a free Trojan Detection Tool
(DNSChanger Trojan) for those who fear such things on the Mac. (A
download link available at OS2Guy Blog)

Want an iPhone but won't buy one because you don't think you can
transfer all your music, contacts, calendar entries, photos, movies
and other data? WRONG! Nova Media is now offering a little program
that will copy the content of your cell phone to your Mac, iPhone or
iPod. HEY - that's GOOD! Once all the data has been copy you can use
iTunes to synchronize the selected content over to your iPhone!
ALRIGHT!!!! You can preorder from the link found at OS2Guy Blog.

Free Colorful Leopard Icon Set
If, like me, after installing Leopard, you were disappointed with all
the folders being one color of blue and you still want to change that
so they are more distinctive, download Adam Fisher-Cox' free Icon Set.
They are easy to install, absolutely gorgeous, and make your folders
stand out easily. Download the file from the link at the OS2Guy Blog,
follow the instructions and you'll get a whole new set of folder

BTW - is running an unauthorized excerpt today taken
from my blog of yesterday regarding Apple's rumored plan to offer an
external USB slim optical drive with the new Ultra-Thin MacBook (To be
announced at MacWorld). SlashGear has even provided their own mock-
up. (I won't offer a link to their article. Had they asked to use the
information I would have been happy to point my readers.)

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