I'm pleased to announce the release of DragText v3.9.

DragText, a "distinctly different Desktop enhancement" adds features
not found anywhere else: drag & drop text in standard windows, access
to WPS objects from every program, and OverDrag, the most comprehensive
set of while-you-drag features found on any platform. It also offers
DTProgram, a significant enhancement of the WPS Program object.

New in v3.9 is NLS support. German, Dutch, French, Italian, & Swedish
are included, and adding other languages is uncommonly easy - no tools
or technical knowledge needed.

v3.9 is available from:

DT's Basic features (d&d text, most OverDrag features, and DTProgram)
are freeware and never require registration. DT's Extended features
(files, access to WPS objects, and OverDrag's WPS features) offer a
6-week free trial. Continued use is only $20(US) through Mensys or
BMT Micro.

== == almost usable email address: Rich AT E-vertise.Com == ==
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| New! DragText v3.9 with NLS support
Rich Walsh | A Distinctly Different Desktop Enhancement
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