Re-Installing Leopard Has Surprises
Did a stupid thing a few days ago and agreed to beta test some
software that required the use of Insanity's APE file (Application
Enhancer) - a strict "no no" for the Leopard users of this world.
Before Leopard if you wanted to change or alter the dock, Insanity
offered a neat little program that would do it for you and installed
the APE file.

What Apple nor Insanity told anyone was that Leopard and APE together
resulted in the blue screen of nothingness. That is, upon restart your
system would not display your desktop or all your icons, it just
displayed an empty blue screen. The mouse and keyboard worked but you
couldn't do anything or go anywhere.

In the middle of installing the beta software I noticed it was
installing APE and as quickly as I could, aborted the installation. I
forgot all about it and after a situation with my friend's new iMac
(see below) I decided to check out my own system and make sure all my
hardware was up to snuff. It was but required a restart at the end of
the diagnostics. Upon restart I got nada - just a blue screen. I tried
all the tricks, even making it to the terminal and deleted the
offending APE files (I thought) but still nothing. My machine was now
useless unless I reinstalled Leopard and I dreaded the thought of
losing all my work on the boot drive (I have 5 drives). Yes, I did
have a backup of the system and I tried reinstalling from there but
because I back up nightly that backup also included the newly added
APE file.

So I reinstalled Leopard and selected to option to retain my previous
setup. I did this was Tiger once and what you got was a folder half
full of some user settings but apps and such all had to be re-
serialized and it was a pain in the ass. Still, I hit the button and
went on to bed because it said Leopard would install in just 20
minutes but the previous setup files would take 2 hours (it is a 1
terabyte drive). I tossed and turned all night dreading having to
rebuild my entire system knowing it would take weeks to hone it back
to my perfect view of excellence.

I get up this morning and to my complete surprise there was my old
desktop. All the icons were lined up to the right and there were some
duplicate icons pulled from the trash but nothing of serious value was
missing. I was connected to the 'Net, Wifi worked as it should, the
old dock was back with that ugly shelf and I was at v10.5,not 10.5.1
but that was quickly remedied. I don't know how Apple figured out how
to do this but they have my undying respect and support for making my
Mac computing life so easy. (BTW, this would have NEVER happened with
OS/2 - I would be starting from scratch, rebuilding everything!)

Neighbor's New iMac Goes Belly-up!
I've owned three iMacs, four MaBooks, iPods, iPhones and a Mac Pro and
in all that time have never experienced a hardware failure. I talked
my neighbor into buying an iMac for converting his VHS and cassette
tapes over to digital and he's been working on it diligently for two
months. I run into him to ask how's it going and he says something is
wrong, his computer won't start up and all he gets is a question mark
on his screen. I drop by, we check it out and I find the system can't
find a hard drive. I call Apple Tech, they walk us through a test,
agree it is a hard disk failure and give us an appointment with the
Genius Bar in Downtown SF the following day (today).

We arrive, meet with "Steve" a personable guy who knows his stuff, he
checks it out and says the hard drive went kaput. He apologized, put a
rush on it and says the iMac will be back in 2-3 days barring
tomorrow's holiday. No cost, of course. Neighbor did not buy AppleCare
but still the machine is covered for a full year. You just don't get
better service then that. God Bless Apple.

Removing Leopard's Dock Shelf
It's really incredibly easy. I hate that shelf and love those little
white glow lights under active icon apps. I want the shelf removed, a
transparent background so the icons just sort of sit at the bottom of
the screen and beneath them the little glow lights when an app is
active. Here's how you do it: (Visit OS2Guy Blog for easy

Here's a mini-screen shot of what I'm talking about (the finished
shelf-less dock)

As always, free HD desktop wallpaper for download to all visitors.

Dr. Tim Martin, The OS/2 Guy
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