Is there a multiple OS/2 remote desktop connection solution that would permit
multiple remote users for an OS/2 based 'server' over even a VNC IP based

I've used HHost and HyperAccess Pro for many years for remote OS/2 desktop and
remote site maintenance successfully by both POTS phone line and IP connection
methods which do not include NETBIOS over TCP/IP which I do *NOT* wish to
enable in OS/2. But this is a one user at a time issue only and not a solution
for what would be, in essence, I guess .. a stab at software as a service.

I have a package of IBM eNetwork which includes service for the AS-400, which I
think is OS/2 oriented for AS-400's of old. And I actually have access to two
functional AS-400's of older venue, if needed. But I'd rather not start down
that trail at all in the initial thoughts about this, thinking about setup and
proof of something with a lot less physical and dollar oriented pathways than
the AS-400 forest.



--> Sleep well; OS2's still awake!

Mike Luther