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>>>des anges wrote:
>>>>> >> >>I can drag you to the water, but I can't make you drink.
>>>>> >> >The water isn't there.
>>>>> >> I see it.
>>>>> >let people everybody make their own decision
>>>>> But God calls us to help those lost become found.
>>>>matthew 10 12-14
>>>>theyve heard
>>>>now let them make their own decision
>>>>arf meow arf - everything thing i know i learned
>>>>from the collective unconscience of odd bodkins
>>>>sacramento - political pigsty of the western world
>>>>or a babys arm holding an apple
>>>They're hanging around arcr-c.
>>>duke, American-American
>>>"The Mass is the most perfect form of Prayer."
>>>Pope Paul VI

>>Dumb ass Cross poster.

>Yes you are.

And now, the Pee Wee Herman and Wee Davie Tholen debate tactics.


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