nightbat wrote:

>nightbat wrote
>Saul Levy wrote:
>Silly Desert Saul
>> Your title just shows that you aren't, Brad. And the content is just
>> DRIVEL! I see that you're using frootbat's scorecard! lol
>> Saul Levy

> Stop it Saul, now you're upsetting profound science posters with
>more of your catch up drivel and mal accusations, so unbecoming of a
>good researcher. Science Officers are too busy to baby-sit and hold your
>hand just tell the nursing home attendants you need attending. That
>desert air must be drying out your brain oh doubting one, oh mercy!
>Coffeeboys a fresh cup of hot coffee for our Saul, heaven knows he needs

Yes, you do thrive on appearing as a chattering parrot in public,

Supreme Leader of the Brainwashed Followers of Art Deco
Official "Usenet psychopath and born-again LLPOF minion",
as designated by Brad Guth