nightbat wrote:

>"Home of the auk fake award really Big Whoppers"

> I realize it is early in the month, but the Captain has already been
> profusely asserting his kingship as a result of silly Saul Levy's pokings.
> Note the link below while weighing if this post is a troll, or idiocy:

> Therefore, I nominate myself flaming Art Deco for the Looney Maroon for Nov.
> 2007.
> Please auk's I want and need it bad. Mommy Pinky please! I auk coffeeboy
> deserve it.
> Seconds?

I fixed your attribution errors for you, fro0tbat. You can thank me

Supreme Leader of the Brainwashed Followers of Art Deco
Official "Usenet psychopath and born-again LLPOF minion",
as designated by Brad Guth