greysky wrote:

>"Jeff?Relf" wrote in message
>>it just explains how we got here and where we'll likely wind-up.
>> To better answer Darla and Dr. Why...
>> I do have passions, but not a passion for " gainful employment ".
>> This letter I sent out today, over a hospital bill, sheds more light:

>> I thought maybe it was diabetes, something like " Insulin Shock ",
>> or maybe kidney stones... but now, I'm thinking it was
>> an allergic reaction to a cigar I had smoked the night before.
>> Why I might be allergic to it now, and not before, I don't know;
>> perhaps I'm prematurely decrepit.

>It's the society we are living in that destroys us. Maybe we start out
>whole and healthy, but time and entropy along with all the environmental
>toxins we are exposed to destroys us. How can there be any heroes in this
>situation? Sometimes I wonder why everyone doesn't wind up like a coffeeboy.
>It seems to be the favored status of evolution, for sure. I am sure we can
>provide plenty of raw data for a sociologist, or an alien looking down on us
>with dispassionate eyes from the safety of their starship-perch....after all
>wasn't it Darla who once talked about the Lies of Our Eyes? In the end we
>all turn into Dirt...

Are you an expert on the lifestyles, income levels, and psychological
profiles of "coffeeboys" world-wide?

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