Changing Memory or a Harddrive In Your MacBook
OWC (Other World Computers) is just about the best Mac shop around.
Their prices are cheaper or competitive with other Mac hardware online
shops, they deliver quickly, and they take the time to put an
instructional video together to guide you, whether it be changing or
adding RAM to a MacBook or replacing the hard drive. Take a look at
the video and you'll see how easy they make it for you. (Link at
OS2Guy Blog)

Looking To Join A Great Mac Support Group?
I love these guys! They've got answers you won't find elsewhere and
they bust their buns to help you. Who are they? MacOSG - Mac Owners
Support Group. (Link at OS2Guy Blog)

MacWorld Predictions
The American Chronicle is offering eight predictions for this coming
MacWorld. They include:
(Full list at OS2Guy Blog)

White MacBook Stain Removal
Great tip found at OS2Guy Blog to remove those pesky wrist/palm

New iPhone v1.1.3 Firmware This Saturday?
CNET France is reporting the next Apple firmware for the iPhone will
be released at the end of this week. It would be v1.1.3 if true.

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