Cujo DeSockpuppet wrote:

>Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler wrote in
>> Here follows the one true ballot for the November 2007 Usenet Kook
>> Awards. Anybody may vote, but your votes may be disqualified, mocked,
>> burnt, shredded and/or recycled for use as toilet paper or filler for
>> Fluffy's litter box at the Vote Wrangler's discretion if:


>> (Vote for one, neither of the above, or abstain)

> The Big-8 Management Board
>The b8mb13s.

The impotent-8 will probably win, but Tholen's flouncing self-spank
over usenet sig limiters was a laffer.

Supreme Leader of the Brainwashed Followers of Art Deco
Official "Usenet psychopath and born-again LLPOF minion",
as designated by Brad Guth