We all love beautiful wallpaper and now with a quick click you can
download your favorite selection from the new cover-flow wallpaper
feature found on "The OS/2 Guy" blog. It is very nice. Regular
visitors get a new beautiful wallpaper every day with each new column
but if you've missed a few, you can find them in the wallpaper gallery
found in my new masthead.

Sadly for some of you OS/2 users, you will not be able to see or
utilize the cover-flow feature but others will find it very nice. You
can flip through the wallpapers one after another, pick as many as you
like, and download directly to your desktop. Stop by, say hi, and
grab a wallpaper or two! And don't miss my daily blog entries.

And while I'm here: I want to encourage those of you looking for or
seeking to swap or buy a copy of OS/2 to post your wish/swap/sale item
for free at Warp City's Mac Swap. We don't limit it to just Mac stuff
and I've sold or swapped all of my own OS/2 Warp 4.52, 4.51, 4.5, 3.0,
2.11 and 2 versions of OS/2. I keep getting inquiries asking if I
know where other copies can be found. Warp City's Mac Swap is
entirely free (ok, beyond $100 I take a 1% admin fee) and everyone is
welcome. Who knows? You could swap your OS/2 system for a nice new

Check out the new cover-flow feature found on "The OS/2 Guy" blog

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