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>> Daedalus wrote in
>>> On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 10:31:50 -0800, Brian Mailman
>>> wrote:
>>>>Daedalus wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 15:02:10 -0900, (Kathy
>>>>> Morgan) wrote:
>>>>>>> Phillip Clipt made a proposal for news.servers that he wanted to
>>>>>>> discuss in n.g rather than n.g.p. In this case, the decision of
>>>>>>> the Board was: "...we are willing to post the proposal and not
>>>>>>> require you to respond in NGP. However, we will not follow the
>>>>>>> discussion in news.groups, and will voice our own objections (if
>>>>>>> any) in news.groups.proposals."
>>>>>> This is still my position.
>>>>> Thank you. This adequately proves Steve Bonine is completely wrong.
>>>>> The discussion is split and completely diluted by the existence of
>>>>> ngp.
>>>>Isn't there an "award" of some sort for those who self-spank, and
>>>>hoist *themselves* by their extra petarding?
>>> The special ops cody purple heart applies to anyone who's usenet
>>> attempts to get their adversaries results in a self spank. I'm not
>>> sure about a group of people, but the board and their proxies
>>> definitely stepped in it here.
>>> (Advice Mr. Vote Wrangler? Let me know if you need more backstory.)

>> Yes, that is the award for those whose attempts at USENET combat (and
>> attempts by USENET posters to get at their USENET adversaries by other
>> means using the Internet) blow up in their faces. It also happens to
>> be one of my favorite awards. Here is the relevant description.
>> "Special Ops Cody Memorial Purple Heart
>> In proud remembrance of the children's toy who sacrificed his life in
>> Iraq for the cause of freedom, this award is given to net.kooks whose
>> attempts at Kooky Kombat go spectacularly wrong. Use of grenades made
>> of solid rubber is one possible sign of worthiness for this honour."
>> If there were already a candidate for the Special Ops Cody needing an
>> opponent and a contested race for Palmjob Paddle, I'd gladly recommend
>> and accept a nomination for the Special Ops Cody for the Big-8 Board.
>> Unfortunately, those preconditions don't exist. Fortunately for you
>> and your suggestion, the Big-8 Board not only spanked themselves with
>> the decision of the board you cited above, but with the entire World
>> of Warcraft newgrouping and subsequent removal/rmgrouping, which means
>> they're eligible for an even more prestigious award for self-spanking,
>> the Palmjob Paddle (yes, you get the rare recommendation from me to
>> /upgrade/ your nomination suggestion). Note the last prepositional
>> phrase in the description. ]:-}
>> "Palmjob Paddle
>> Named for the most-spanked person in the history of the Internet,
>> Wilhelm Palmer (Bill Palmer, aka "Palmjob"), the self-styled Flame
>> Giant who has never won a single flamewar in his existence. This award
>> is given to the person who gets spanked (as in, thrashed) the most in
>> a given month, be it by their opponents or even their own hand."
>> David Tholen needs an opponent this month, and I think the Big-8 Board
>> more than qualifies. Therefore, I am going to do the honors myself
>> and nominate the Big Eight Management Board for the Palmjob Paddle for
>> November 2007.
>> Seconds?


Forwarded to comp.os.os2.advocacy.

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