(F'up set to c.o.o.p.m)

I've basicly got the impression that there are a lot of stocks-related
apps, data and tools in use by the only user/developer, but there's no
generic app/format/tool which glues all individual apps/tools together
without having to make adjustments.

Having to rewrite a major part of my apps/data/tools (again), I was
wondering if there's any generic format which is used or can be used
to exchange/share apps/data/tools. Perhaps an already existing app/
data format/tool or some already existing *ix-project?

Typically I'm using a humanly readable data format, free data and a
collection of simple tools, e.g. a scanner for auctions without any
buyers. "It works for me", but I've to invent a French wheel to add
the French stockmarket to that tool. Or vice versa, I own a French
wheel but not a French car.

Of course I can rewrite my own apps/tools for my personal use, but I
don't mind keeping any shared concept in mind in order to being able
to share apps/data/tools. I fear such a generic concept wouldn't match
my needs, but if it exists (?) it may be worth at least looking at.

Please note I'm not looking for some Rexx-tools to download/maintain
Yahoo!'s daily French market data, which would be "Yet Another Wheel
Tool". Maybe I want to use multiple data sources, compare the results,
collect additional data, and process the data in order to summarize a
day. Excluding the UI that already may be more advanced than "popular"
(Windows') apps, but I don't mind doing better than that. A problem
is that I've got the impression that each time the carpart have to be
re-invented while other people have a collection of (e.g. German or
common) carparts too.

So: is there any generic app/data/data format/tool collection I can
connect to, or is there no such initiative and is everybody still the
single user/developer of own parts of the puzzle?