Hi All

Using Bootable 453(and previously 452) I created a very basic BootableCD
with WPS (Desktop) support.

The BootableCD works to boot to a Desktop but has a mouse problem.

The mouse cursor is visible onscreen and moves fine with the mouse
(trackball) movement

The mouse cursor changes to reflect what it is hovering over eg:-

when over text in an editor, such as when compsing this, the cursor
becomes a text cursor "I" but you cannot use this cursor to select where
to enter text

when the cursor is over an edge of a window it changes to the "resize"
arrows "<- ->" but you cannot click and resize the window

Basically the cursor is visible onscreen and moves as it should changing
to different pointer displays when it should *But* clicking on either
button achieves nothing: RMB on the Desktop does *Not* bring up a menu,
LMB does not select anything or start an application.

The question is what is missing here? - There seems to be a lack of
communication between the system and the Desktop with regard to the mouse.

The booted BootableCD Desktop -> System -> System Setup -> Mouse setup
object informs me "Driver not properly installed".

I have seen this problem with an earlier version of Bootable but the
problem "went away" when I re-installed that version of Bootable. I have
tried that with this version but No Joy; the problem remains.

As I am using the Amouse 2.80 package I though maybe reverting to the
standard IBM drivers would rectify this but was proved wrong: a
BootableCD created with standard mouse drivers installed has exactly the
same problem.

Any ideas on rectifying this?