The display glitch that was preventing Mac Pro users with high-end ATI
graphics cards (that would be me!) from running Leopard successfully
was resolved yesterday and I slipped the 10.5 upgrade DVD-DL into my
SuperDrive and let 'er rip this morning! Thirty minutes later the
Leopard was back on my system and running as it should. All 300 new
features are now mine to own and play with. It is so nice. I can
only wish OS/2 could be this nice.

Go ahead, read all about it on my blog, along with a high resolution
screen shot of my desktop, here:

I'm also offering two sets of "CoXtreme Wallpaper Packs" for
download. These packages include some of the most beautiful desktop
backgrounds you'll ever have the pleasure of viewing. Yes, they will
work on OS2 systems so feel free to download and enjoy!

WaaaHOOO! The Leopard is back!

Dr. Tim Martin, The OS/2 Guy
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