Now that I have basic stunnel working I need to configure it properly to
operate with a telnet proxy in the middle. I don't see an example of such
a case, so I sent an e-mail to the author who pointed out the protocol
sections of the configuration file. So if I understand the documentation
correctly I think this will work on the client end:

accept = 992
connect = :23
protocol = connect
protocolHost = :992

This compares with the following for access from the internet:

accept = 992
connect = :992

So I substituted the telnet proxy for my initial connection and then
indicate my final destination as the protocol host with the protocol noted
as connect, which is the command used via the proxy to reach my host. At
least that is how I hope it works. If anyone has actually done this
before and can confirm or correct my example above I would appreciate it.
I will not be able to test this out for a few days, so there is time to
correct it in light of an experienced user.

-- Dave