Apple releases the iPhone today in jolly old England and British
citizens have been queuing up before Apple stores and O2 phone
stores! Germany's T-Mobile (the authorized service provider) has been
so overwhelmed with new subscribers their network has gone down. It
will be a mad house throughout Europe today as people scramble to grab
their piece of the popular iPhone. And to all of this a late night
firmware update by Apple (v1.1.2) which blocks hackers and turns
unauthorized iPhones into "bricks" which is sure to bring the howls of
anger from the 12-year old hackers.

The iPhone is the best gadget to come along since the transistor
radio. It is a hand-held computer, cell phone, music, mini-TV and
movie player and personal minder all in one. It is beautiful to
behold and it works as advertised.

Dr. Tim Martin, The OS/2 Guy
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