> Thanks for the advice to my previous question, I'm now running a demo
> of eComStation which I will be purchasing if it can do what I need.
> I'm tying to get an application currently running on an old OS/2 box
> to run on my WinXP box, using MS Virtual PC, which in turn is running
> eComStation.
> Is there an easy way to migrate this? Does OS/2 have some kind of
> system restore where I can transfer a mirror image of OS/2 onto a
> different box? Or do I have to find the source code of the
> application and copy that over?
> Any suggestions welcome.
> Thanks.

Easiest way to do this, zip it all, go to your vm and unzip it.
If you need a bootable partition run sysinstx c: from the bootable cd.

Of course, you might then have to revamp your config.sys, as these are
totally different machines.