The OS/2 Guy wrote:
> Hey guys howz it goin? Wow have I been busy. What with the release
> of Leopard and new faster MacBooks, and so many friends and
> acquaintances moving to OSX (aka OS Ten) it has been a whirlwind of
> activity.

Wow! We're all wet and very excited about it!

> So first up: Leopard
> Apple has put the polish on this operating system. Clean, precise,
> feature laden and the cat runs like a leopard.

Clean, precise and runs like a leopard? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

october 29th: Apple acknowledges Leopard install issues

Apple posts fix for Leopard's "Blue Screen Of Death"

Leopard II: iMac video issues revealed

Apple's Leopard poached online, suffers 'blue screen of death'

Apple's Leopard causing blue screen of death,1...9290414,00.htm

Leopard has killed my Mac, too

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs,

etc. etc. etc... It's in the news everywhere. No sane person with a working
Mac would upgrade at this point. Everybody knows, on the contrary, that
compared to Tiger, Apple this time truly ****ed up.

> The dock is centered
> on the screen. Don't you wish OS/2 had a Warp Center like this? And
> it is so configurable.

OS/2 has it. And that picture is probably from 1994, when Macs looked less
or more like this:

And that was the _actual_ resolution you would have had to work with.

> Second: The New "Santa Rosa" MacBooks

[snipped more useless Apple spam ]

> I go back to Med school during most of December to catch up on new
> procedures and other medicines but I'll be on the 'Net during the free
> time.

I will paraphrase this for the rest of the world: You will go back _on meds_
during December and they will give you new medicines and put you through to
cure your dementia. Sounds good!

> Has eCS v2.0 been released yet? I haven't been keeping up. I have a
> couple of blogs to maintain, web sites to keep hot and running and all
> of the other professional things in my life to attend to. Of course,

Professional things to? No ****? Wow! We were all sure you lived off of food
stamps and welfare. No people with a job has so much time on his hands to
harass people in newsgroups, with a daily overdose of his masturbations and
thoughts nobody is interested in, over a computer software.

> I'm always available to those looking to move to OSX with help and
> guidance.

Help and guidance so that people can manage to **** up the almost userless
install process?

> P.S. Look for new more powerful iPhones by February. Time magazine
> has selected the iPhone as the "Invention of the Year".

I hope by the time of February the mental hospital where you reside will
pull the plug on your Internet connection. It's probably the doctors' way to
get rid of yourself for a couple few hours, but it doesn't mean we are
supposed to cope up with the bull**** of a brain scarred jerk like you.