Hi All

Looking through hobbes/pub/new recently I found and downloaded what
looked like an updated fat32 package - fat32_20060608.wpi

I extracted the fat32 files from the wpi package - still prefer zip
files mysef as I control where the contents go

Used the extracted files to update the existing fat32 installation

Rebooted to a Desktop that got as far as playing the Startup sound and
popping up a Window list - Repeatedly

Thinking that maybe the INI files had somehow got "munged" I booted to a
command line and replaced them with a Backup pair.

Rebooting led to the same problem as above: Therefore the problem was
not the INI files but the fat32 update!

Rebooted to a command line and REMed the config.sys fat32 lines

Rebooted to the Desktop without any problems

Reinstating the earlier fat32 files (0.9.11) and unREMing the config.sys
fat32 lines followed by a reboot results in no problems - system loads
fine, no Desktop Startup loop, fat32 works as before.

Conclusion: This fat32_20060608 package has problems and should be avoided.

Anyone had any success with this fat32 update?