I'm trying to make a "slipstreamed" OS/2 4.52 CD using UPDCD 2.61.
It's a tricky app, but practice has resulted in an install disc that
is 95% perfect. I'm trying to hammer out a few quirks and was curious
if anyone had experience with this utility that could lend a hand.

- Seamonkey 1.1.5 cannot be chosen to install. The Addons test sees
it, and on the addons notebook page it's there, but it's greyed out.
I've named the EXE as "mozilla.exe" as per the documentation, I've
included the xpi, and I have tried both the libc-0.5.1 and libc-0.6.3
files as "libc.exe". It seems like some prerequisite isn't there, or
UPDCD just doesn't like this version of Seamonkey (I tried the regular
and PwM-enhanced builds). For a workaround I've thrown Seamonkey and
everything else in the tools.zip addon directory so they are at least
there to install after OS/2 finishes installing.

- I'd ideally like to wipe out the notebook and just have my addons
auto-install. The docs are vague on how to do this, but it looks like
a lot more work than it's worth. Barring this, I'd like to at least
get all of my addons on one page. I only have 7, but I still have to
wade through every tab on the notebook, most of which are blank since
I removed the stuff I'm not installing from addons.cfg. I'd like my
addons to just be on one page so I can just click and go. Is this

- I've removed the old Netscape from my install. However during the
installation when it gets to the option page for Netscape it's checked
off to install. I'm not sure what the result would be of allowing
this, so I have been unchecking it. Is there a way to have this
unchecked by default?

Any help is appreciated.