Hi all,

what is the chance to upgrade an OS/2 1.30-system with LAN manager
(ethernet with plain NetBIOS), a C-written frontend and a
Sybase-SQL-server 1.1 to a newer OS/2-version?

The system is installed on a FAT-drive, print-jobs are created by the
C-frontend for LaserJet-printers and send directly to the LPT-port or a
shared LPT-port on a print-server and several OS/2 1.3-clients access
the database also via the C-frontend.

I would perfer using WarpServer 4 based on Warp 3, or even just Warp 3
Connect/Warp 4 (without LVM, JFS etc., so WSeB, ACP, MCP or eCS are not
an option) the whole infrastructure may not be needed anymore because
only one person still works with the system!

What could be show-stoppers to care about?

Thanks a lot for any answer!
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