Hello OS/2 Users,

Platform involved:
Hardware - IBM laptop 385ED, 80 Mb RAM, 1 Gb free disk space
Software - OS/2 Warp 4, fixpack 15, kernel 14.104a_W4.
NIC - PCMCIA Linksys Combo card

Cannot get connection to network. MPTS was set up using "Other
adapters..." option using the driver software that came with the NIC.
MPTS parameters are set to base address 0320, irq 5. PCMCIA card
manager reports base address 0320, irq 5. I can ping the local host, so
the TCP/IP stack is working. However, i cannot get anything through the
NIC to my network.

The card works fine on the same machine running Windows NT4. The PCMCIA
manager under NT4 assigns a different base address and irq combination
from OS/2. When i alter those parameters under OS/2 to be the same as
under NT4, there is still no connection.

What should i be trying next to get the NIC to connect? A different
PCMCIA card manager? If yes, which one?

Regards / JCH