I'm working on implementation of OpenSSL and Blowfish. Can you help me to improve the code, Is there a problem in the code?

//gcc test_AES.c -L/usr/local/ssl/lib/ -lssl -lcrypto -Wall


int main(void) {

char plaintext[1024] = "Hello World? - this is a test of Blowfish! of which I'm curious to see if it really is working.\n";
char ciphertext[1024]= {0,};
char mykey[EVP_MAX_KEY_LENGTH] = "blowfish_key";
char iv[EVP_MAX_IV_LENGTH] = "blowfish";
int tmp_len = 0, in_len, out_len=0;


in_len = strlen(plaintext);

printf("No encrypt: %s\n", plaintext);

EVP_EncryptInit(&ctx, EVP_bf_cfb(), (unsigned char *)mykey, (unsigned char *)iv);
EVP_EncryptUpdate(&ctx, (unsigned char *)ciphertext, &out_len, (unsigned char *)plaintext, in_len); //Block through the mem to be encrypted
tmp_len += out_len;
EVP_EncryptFinal(&ctx, (unsigned char *) &ciphertext[out_len], &out_len); //Finish any remaining encryption and throw a pad on
tmp_len += out_len;
printf("Encrypted: %s\n", ciphertext);

//Reset memory for Decryption
in_len = tmp_len;
out_len = tmp_len = 0;

EVP_DecryptInit(&ctx, EVP_bf_cfb(), (unsigned char *)mykey, (unsigned char *)iv);
EVP_DecryptUpdate(&ctx, (unsigned char *)plaintext, &out_len, (unsigned char *)ciphertext, in_len);
tmp_len += out_len;
EVP_DecryptFinal(&ctx, (unsigned char *)&plaintext[out_len], &out_len);
tmp_len += out_len;

//Zero out the pad
memset(&plaintext[tmp_len],0,(int)(sizeof(plaintext)) - tmp_len);

printf("Decrypted: %s\n", plaintext);

printf("Block Size: %d\n",EVP_CIPHER_CTX_block_size(&ctx));

return 0;