Iam a new member to this forum.

I have to integrate openssl in my project.project is implemented with gsoap.

My network configuration settings for openssl:

Connection is established between client & server.

I have taken both server and client authentication as false SOAP_SSL_REQUIRE_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION & SOAP_SSL_REQUIRE_SERVER_AUTHENTICATION to false.

But SSL_Conect & SSL_accept are failing with errors "*** error:00002733:lib(0):func(2):reason(1843)" & "*** SSL_ERROR_SSL
Error 30 fault: SOAP-ENV:Server [no subcode]
"Error observed by underlying BIO: No such file or directory"
Detail: SSL_accept() failed in soap_ssl_accept()" respectively.

I provided client.pem keyfile, though it is not required as authentication is set to false.Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.