I am trying to generate a root ca. CA.sh/CA.pl -newca should do the trick.

After entering the ca info, the script stops at the following:

A challenge password []:
An optional company name[]:
unkown option -create_serial
usage: ca args

-verbose - Talk alot while doing tihngs

./CA.sh: line 197: 10495 Segmentation fault $CA -create_serial -out ${CATOP}/${CACERT} ${CADAYS} -batch -keyfile ${CATOP}/private/${CAKEY} -selfsign -extensions v3_ca -infiles ${CAT"OP}/${CAREQ}

I tried removing the -create_serial from line 197 and then it fails on the -selfsign option. After then the whole thing just fails.

Anyone seen this before? Openssl 0.9.8m and openssl-1.0.0 on suse linux 9.

Thanks in advance.