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Hi all,

I want to verify my sign array with OpenSSL library, but I have a problem:

I am using in JavaCard: ALG_ECDSA_SHA and for generate keys LENGTH_EC_F2M_163 , ALG_EC_F2M
result for this:

private key: 21B,
public key 43B
signLenght 48B r,s sequnce
hash diggest is 20B.

and the lengts are incorrect for OpenSSL, because I have aplication which use library OpenSSL and I am using algorithm:

#define SN_sect163k1 "sect163k1"
#define NID_sect163k1 721
#define OBJ_sect163k1 OBJ_secg_ellipticCurve,1L

result for OpenSSL for generate keys is:

private key: 202B
public key: 43B
sign: 42B r,s sequnce
hash diggest: 20B

sign exam:

question is: How can I approve my verify and signature in javacard, what i will have to use? Can I use OpenSSL lib ? If yes which algorithm I will have to use in OpenSSL when I use (ALG_EC_F2M, ALG_ECDSA_SHA) in java card ....

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