good we have some progress.

ext Steven Harris wrote:

> I then tried the build process again for openssl:
> - Ran perl Configure VC-CE
> - Ran ms\do_ms and got an error that PLATFORM was not defined. So I
> defined it as VC-CE. Ran it again and it worked.
> - Removed the /WX flag from the ce.mak script (warnings as errors).
> - Ran nmake -f ms\ce.mak and now I get an error in the file
> crypto\o_str.c(64) that the include file strings.h cannot be found.
> Am I missing an include, define or environment variable?

The mail I linked to in my last answer contained a patch for the 0.9.8i
version of openssl. You will still need to apply this patch to
successfully build this openssl version.

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