On Tue, Nov 04, 2008, Justin A wrote:

> This is what I am trying to do.
> I have an application which is test.exe* while executing it will load the
> DLL (t.dll) . In the DLL* I have one of* the file which calls the
> FIPS_mode_set.
> 1) So while creating the DLL ( t.dll) I used the fipslink.pl* just like the
> one I used to create the exe. I ran into issue with the fipslink.pl when it
> called the "$fips_hash=`$fips_premain_dso $fips_target`" in the pl file.
> Since its just calls the DLL, its gets stuck say you are attempting to open
> an DLL. So I stated using the fips_preamin_dso.
> 2) If I dont do this linking with the DLL, when I run my application I get
> this err "
> FIPS_CHECK_INCORE_FINGERPRINT:fingerprint does not match:fips.c:238".
> So if my file( which as the FIPS_mode_set ) is part of the DLL how can I
> resolve this issue..?

Well the fipslink.pl error is caused by a call to LoadLibraryA() failing on
that DLL. What happens if you call fips_premain_dso test.dll?

Is there some additional dependency which test.exe satisfies but which a plain
call loading the library would not?

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