> Calling SSL_accept.
> Error code: 5
> error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)
> Error: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errlist: No such file or directory
> WSAGetLastError, rc=0
> This is basically the APIs I call to get the above information.
> err = SSL_get_error(ssl, rc);
> printf("Error code: %d", err);
> ERR_error_string_n(ERR_get_error(), err_buf, sizeof(err_buf));
> printf("Error: %s", err_buf);
> printf("Error: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errlist: %s", sys_errlist[errno]);
> printf("WSAGetLastError, rc=%d", WSAGetLastError());
> Windows client -> Windows server (success)..
> Solaris client -> Windows server (above error)..

You leave out the most important piece of information -- what was the return
value from SSL_accept?! None of your 'printf's include 'rc', which is the
most important piece of information there is.

If it's zero, as I suspect, then you're barking up completely the wrong


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