Anyone know what could be the cause of this error? This error occurs on a
Windows system. The calling system (which shouldn't matter) is Solaris.
However, other Windows systems that call to this system succeed, although
the only notable error is here.

Calling SSL_accept.
Error code: 5
Error: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errlist: No such file or directory
WSAGetLastError, rc=0

This is basically the APIs I call to get the above information.

err = SSL_get_error(ssl, rc);
printf("Error code: %d", err);
ERR_error_string_n(ERR_get_error(), err_buf, sizeof(err_buf));
printf("Error: %s", err_buf);
printf("Error: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errlist: %s", sys_errlist[errno]);
printf("WSAGetLastError, rc=%d", WSAGetLastError());

Windows client -> Windows server (success)..
Solaris client -> Windows server (above error)..

The only thing I see on the Solaris (client) side is the following Perl
module error:

Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at /PerlApp/IO/Socket/
line 1145.

But I believe this comes from an error path in after the failure
occurred on the Windows server.

Thanks in advance!!! This one has stumped me for a while.

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